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Special Interest Treks

The Chadar Winter Trek – 15 Days (Best months: January and February)

Chadar means blanket though this trail doesn’t offer the warmth that a blanket does. This once in a lifetime trail on ice over the frozen Zanskar river has emerged as a must do trek for all avid adventurers. The route traversing altitudes of nothing less than 14,000ft / 4500 metres, goes over the frozen Zanskar river traversing deep canyons and gorges otherwise inaccessible during the summer months. And, under the solemn gaze of greyish - white mountain peaks temperatures can plummet to –anywhere between -25 to -30º c. Our halting stages for camping at night are often caves in the hillsides. The altitudes we traverse are all above 4500 metres / 14,000 feet. This is still a traditional winter route used by the Zanskari folk to travel to Leh with no other options. email us for detailed itineraries.

The High Altitude Hemis National Park

Created in 1981 viewing the fragile environment of Ladakh's flora and fauna, the Hemis National Park is spread over an area of 3350 Sq.Kms and the first of its kind in the Himalayas. Besides being an ideal safe haven for the endangered Snow Leopard and Tibetan Antelope and four species of wild sheep and goats it also represents the amazing biodiversity existing in these mountains. Sixteen hundred people have remained within the park growing barely and selected vegetables. One of Ladakh's most well known treks- The Markha Valley Trail – goes through a portion of this expansive park with over 5000 visitors passing through every season. The best sightings of animals is generally in the late afternoons and early mornings. Some of the species that are found in the Hemis National Park:

Snow Leopard: Uncia uncia "shan' in Ladakhi
Extremely difficult to spot. Endangered with an estimated 50-60 of them surviving in the park. Has a pale grey coat with black rosettes. 30-55 Kg ±60 cm at the shoulder. Distinctive feature – its thick long tail.

Wolf: Canis Lupis "shanku" in Ladakhi
There are estimated 20-50 sighted in the park. Weighs up to 75 Kg -60-100 cm at the shoulder. Has a grey or buff coat and can be seen along the ridges.

Ibex: Capra ibex sibirica "skyin" in Ladakhi
There are an estimated
The park sustains four species of mountain sheep and goats of which the Blue Sheep or Bharal and the Ladakh Urial are more easily sighted. The two other goats – the sturdy Ibex and Argali are quite elusive and shy. While the coat of the Urial is light brown, the Ibex is darker.

Golden Peak Wildlife Trek I: 12 Days

Leh - Zinchen - Rumbak Valley - Shingo - Skiu -Markha village- Thachungtse - Nimaling - Gya - Latho Leh

Golden Peak Wildlife Trek II: 14 Days

Leh - Zinchen - Rumbak Valley - Shingo - Skiu -Markha village- Thachungtse - Nimaling - Gya - Latho - Tso Kar lake - Tso Moriri lake - Mahe bridge - Leh

write for detailed itineraries for these and more wildlife explorations

Wild Life Treks 8 - 20 Days (Best time: April / May and September / October)

One of the main attractions though less known are the wild life treks in the Ladakh and Zanskar regions. The Hemis High Altitude National Park near Leh teems with wild life and further south east is the sweeping plateaux of Changthang with its herds of Kyang (Tibetan Wild Ass), inquisitive Himalayan and Long tailed Marmots, Picas, Tibetan woolly hare, stone marten, otters and other rarely seen mammals. besides the Tibetan wolf in search of prey amongst the sheep flocks of the Changpa nomads. Within the stark barren hills around also lives the elusive Snow Leopard.

Bird life is mainly limited to migratory avian that flock to the numerous lakes in the Changthang region. The Pangong Lake and the marshes of east Ladakh are conducive nesting grounds for thousands of ducks and geese and the rare black-necked crane. The resident avian population comprises the Great Golden Eagle and the Lammergeier or bearded vulture among the larger birds, while the common crow, the Himalayan magpie and the larger raven also inhabit the hills near settlements and villages. The hills and mountains are also home to snow cocks, chukor partridges and Tibetan sand grouse. The smaller colourful bird species that can be sighted include dippers, redstarts, snow finches and larks besides others. email us for detailed itineraries.

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